A New Conversation

What if difficult conversations could be done differently?

It begins with a question……
Inquiry based mediation allows for a deeper conversation creating progress and workable outcomes.

Alex asks a lot of questions. Questions are paramount in all our conversations  in order to create awareness of possibility.

What else is possible that you haven’t yet considered?

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Mediation offers neutral space for an expanded conversation.

Alex facilitates communication, understanding, awareness, and future planning between two or more parties who might be in disharmony and/or disagreement.

She recognizes relationships are driven by complex and multi-layered ambitions. Desired outcomes can be spoken and unspoken. Alex aims for outcome based solutions and common ground, while acknowledging the complexities of each case.

All Services

Alternative Dispute Resolution / Mediation

Workplace Relations                   Business Partnerships
Divorce                                                Parenting Plans
Landlord/Tenant                             Land Dispute
Family Conflict                                 Probate                                                                     Tort                                                        Elder Care                                                                 Court Ordered                                 Collections

HR Employee Relations & Diplomacy Workshops  Build a stronger, more cohesive and efficient workplace through the human resources department.  Alex provides HR training and workshops that contribute to a higher functioning HR department focused on customer service, diplomacy, and care.

Staff Development  Change directions or shift the focus of business priorities easily and gracefully.  Alex facilitates staff meetings that acknowledge employees, while gently guiding through changes.  Relatable, humorous, and nurturing elements create success through collaboration.

Consultation  Business. Personal. Future. Alex helps facilitate change easily and effectively.

About Alex

Alex has been empowering people to create possibilities out of conflict since 2011. She recognizes conflict is part of the human condition and strives to empower clients with tools to diminish and overcome recurring patterns.

Alex holds a BA in English Education from SDSU, has over 200 hours in advanced facilitation training, knows restorative justice, and holds certification in mediation training.  Along with her private practice, she mediates cases for Garfield County Courts and Mesa Combined Courts.

7 2 0 . 2 3 1 . 6 2 0 9 alex@alexcorio.com

“As part of my position, I’m involved in many disputes. Between employees, between the public sector & my company’s representatives, and between me and employees. Alex can get to the heart of it quickly. She listens, asks good questions, and has everyone involved seeing more clearly.” Nate, Regional Manager

“Alex has focus and clarity. The questions she asks really stay on point.” Jace, ADR Peer

“Alex creates an atmosphere that feels good. She builds instant rapport and trust.” Kate, Small Business Owner

“I told Alex where I needed my staff to go, she designed, implemented, and facilitated the changes. We all appreciated her demeanor and approach. Now she runs all my pivotal staff meetings.” Michael, Manager